After submitting your issue it will be reviewed by support team coordinator who evaluates your requirement type (functional usability questions or technical issues) then based on your service pack purchased it will be assigned to support engineer after assuring that your inquiry is fully understood and clear.

Response time is defined as per our SLA based on Ticket Level as Follows:

1 - Low Level Tickets - 10 business days: Issues that doesn't affect the work process

2- Medium Level tickets - 6 business days:  Issues or errors that effecting users or working flow. Functions issues, technical errors.

3- High Level Tickets - 2 business days: Issues Interrupting users work flow but not effecting critical business operation cycles.

4- Critical Level Tickets - 1 business day: Full system crash, Critical Troubleshooting, Issues preventing from using the system at all

Noting that if you don't have valid service pack you will be redirected to your account manager before applying SLA.

Generic usability questions are answered despite service pack validity